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Should you ever find yourself needing any of these services after normal business hours, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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Power is essential to the daily operation of your home and business. Sometimes, however, unforeseen problems can arise outside of normal business hours.

That’s why Integrum Power Group is available 24/7 to provide you with emergency electrical services that will get you powered back up in quickly and effectively. We are leading emergency electrical contractors in Newcastle having top local emergency electrician

  • Service Fuse Replacement

    A service fuse is usually mounted where an overhead power cable attaches to a property. It is designed to protect power supply cables and neighbouring properties from major faults in your electrical installation.

    A blown service fuse is often the cause of lost power to an individual property and requires replacement, which our team can provide quickly and safely at any time of day.

  • Barge Fuse Replacement

    A barge fuse is mounted at the connection point near the barge board of a premises. These fuses are installed between the power service line and the customer’s main electricity supply.

    Barge fuses are there to protect the consumer mains from power overloaded and fire hazard however they can become faulty over time, so our team are always ready to step in and replace them.

  • Barge Board Replacements
    A barge board is the timber block where a property’s point of attachment for an emergency electric company cable is mounted. These can fail due to timber rot or age, however, our electricians are equipped to replace them.
  • Private Pole Replacement

    As a privately owned electricity source, it is the responsibility of the property owner to ensure the private power pole system is regularly inspected and safely maintained.

    Both steel and timber power poles have a certain lifespan and may incur damage such as rust, termites/rot or other issues, requiring urgent repair and replacement, which our team can assist with.

  • Repairs to Mains Connection Box (MCB)

    A Mains Connection Box, or MCB, is a fully insulated environmental base and cover designed to house and protect electrical connectors from damage or contact.

    Over time, these can become faulty or damaged, resulting in issues with power supply. Our electrical contractors are trained with the best tools and industry knowledge to ensure speedy MCB repair.

  • Re-attachment of Overhead Service Cables
    Sometimes, service cables can become low-running or damaged. They can even collapse or fall. In these situations cables have become non-compliant and require immediate repair, a service we can provide.