Level 2 Electrical Contractors Niche Services

From The Ground Up – The Niche Services of Level 2 Electrical Contractors

Level 2 electrical contractors are trained to provide specialized services that require expertise beyond the skillset of an ordinary electrician. While they can provide standard electrical work such as wiring or safety tests, they have chosen to under go extra training to be able to work on larger, more complex (and dangerous!) systems.

Here are 3 areas of speciality that level 2 electrical contractors are trained in

  • Underground & Overhead Power Supply

There are two ways in which electric power is generally transmitted: by the installation of underground or overhead power supply.  Both these approaches have their merits and demerits, and based on your property’s location. During underground power supply installation, you have to bury cables underground. On the contrary, overhead power supply involves the installation of poles that carry power cables to the desired location to supply electricity. In either case, level 2 electricians must be contracted to do the installations because they have the necessary training and experience to do this kind of work. Their services may also be used for replacing faulty cables or electric poles.

  • Upgrading Power

Electric connections can either be single-phase or 3-phase. The 3-phase connections are generally used for commercial or industrial applications, while single-phase connections are for domestic use. There are two wires in single-phase connections, i.e., a live wire and a neutral wire. In the case of 3-phase connections, there are three active wires and a single neutral wire. If you ever need to switch your power supply from a single-phase connection to a 3-phase connection, make sure you have level 2 electrical contractors by your side. They have the expertise to handle such jobs and will do it to perfection.

  • Cable Repairs

Level 2 electrical contractors are capable of repairing any cable damage that results from extreme conditions like hot temperatures. When such exposure deteriorates electrical cables, the copper wires on the inside are revealed and can come in contact with air, leading to serious hazards. Only qualified professionals must be allowed to handle such damaged cables and fix them safely.

When To Hire Level 2 Electrical Contractors

As the name suggests, level 2 electrical contractors are trained to handle electrical work that level 1 electricians can’t do. While level 1 electricians are trained to deal with wiring and circuitry issues, safety assessments, loose switches, and system upgrades, the level 2 contractors are qualified to handle more advanced jobs for their clients. Level 2 electricians have better training to carry out not only the maintenance and repair work but also to perform different installations. They can deal with underground and overhead electrical power supply between a power supply network and the residential or business property of a customer.

When you are in need of any such services that require a more capable and trusted pair of hands, make sure that you hire level 2 electrical contractors. They are licensed, authorised, and well-trained to deal with more advanced electrical jobs as compared to an ordinary local electrician. 


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