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Going the Extra Mile for Your Safety

Integrum Power Group ensures that all underground electrical installations and services are in full compliance with local and national standards of safety.

The safe way is the only way for our team of electricians.

Reach out to us for all of your underground electrical needs.


Level 2 Underground Electricians Serving Newcastle


Underground electrical services are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners and businesses. They are a safer option for electrical services as power line cables are buried underground.

This kind of installation and maintenance work, however, requires the knowledge and tools of an underground electrical specialist – which is what the team at Integrum Power Group are.

As Authorised ASP’s, we can offer you the following services:

  • Installation of Underground Service Connections (up to 100 AMP)
    This service involves the installation of an underground service cable that connects a property to the main power electricity network.
  • Underground Service Mains Repairs
    When faced with a power outage or repeat issue with power supply, an underground wiring service cable may require review and repair – our team are more than equipped to handle this task.
  • Upgrade of Existing Underground Service
    Sometimes, home or business owners may find that the power supply to their property is simply not enough. This service involves upgrading a service cable from single phase to 3 phase for a larger power supply.
  • Permanent Disconnections
    In the event of large-scale demolition projects, power supply will need to be cut completely to a property to ensure the safety of workers – our electrical contractors are more than ready to help you with this.
  • Disconnection and Reconnection
    To ensure the safe completion of project or maintenance work, for example, the relocation of a meter board, our electricians can provide a temporary disconnection and later reconnection of power supply.
  • Set Up Temporary Builders Supply
    We can temporarily redirect power to a builder’s switchboard during construction work on a property. This enables contractors to continue to work until mains can be connected and a permanent switchboard installed
  • Underground to Overhead Connections (UGOH)

    This is a connection service for when an underground electrical connection is desired, but local supply is from poles and wires (i.e. a service for underground electricity connection instead of via an aerial cable).

    The installation process involves running a underground electrical cable down electrical poles and underground to the main switchboard or private pillar of a property.

  • Installation of Private Pillar

    Private pillars are installed in areas where there is an underground power supply, or when a mid-way point is needed to connect an overhead or underground power supply to a private residency or building.

    Installation involves mounting a cabinet for live electrical equipment on private land to create a point of connection that feeds a power supply between the property and the main electrical network.

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