What is Solar Metering

When you have a rooftop solar system, it can generate more electricity than you consume during daylight hours. If your solar panel system is generating electricity near the point of usage, this reduces strain on the grid’s distribution, and minimizes energy loss from sending voltage many miles from the nearest power plant.

A Functional Electricity Meter Is Vital

All homes fueled by power will have a meter that portions their use. An exact meter guarantees that you can quantify electrical utilization and precisely and reliably charge your tenants. What many people are unaware of, however, is that there is an array of meter types and configurations to meet the different requirements of tenants in a property.

As a result, a special relationship exists between those who manage electricity meters, known as Meter Service Providers, who provide metering services on behalf of a retailer. At Integrum Power Group, we are certified to install meters for the following providers: Vector, Spotless, Activestream, PLUS ES.We provide the following metering solutions:

New Connections

All new home/business premises require power meters installed to screen power usage. Our group is prepared to complete installations rapidly and proficiently for new properties.

Switchboard Upgrades

With regard to estimating use, an old system risks inaccuracy. Our electrical technicians can replace damaged or obsolete electrical switchboard updates with innovative, current standard technology.

Solar Metering

A sun oriented meter separates what power from solar panels energy and acquired from the force network grid. Our team can give numerous solar metering options for innovative solar metering installations.

Meter Relocation

In unlikely instances, the area of your meter may impede some development or renovation work. In the following situation, Integrum Power Group, we are more than prepared to relocate your meter to a more appropriate zone on your property.

Meter Protection Device Installation (MPD)

A Meter Protection Device, or MPD, is service fuses that a switchboard board requires installation. MPDs are a prerequisite for all new meter installations, and our team are eager to assist if you need one.

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