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Integrum Power Group is a reliable and trusted name in Level 2 Electrical Services. As a 24/7 offering with emergency service capability, we pride ourselves on having a knowledgeable, capable team of trained professionals. Whether looking to have services installed, moving electrical elements, or maintaining your property, we can cater to a multitude of needs that make use of our available experts.

Overhead or underground services, new connections or alterations to your existing power supply, we can help you stay connected. Browse our services below to see how we can help you.

Integrum Power Group is renowned for offering a service that is full of simplicity. We encourage open communication, appreciate that time is valuable. Therefore we strive to offer you an end-to-end solution that includes all your paperwork, applications, certifications, and specialised labour. With over 10 years experience, we have developed our processes to ensure simple, streamlined delivery of our services to our customers.

We believe in being efficient, responsive, and helpful in all of our communication with you and our Level 2 Accredited Electricians are on standby to help you.

Overhead Power Connections, Barge & Service Fuses Newcastle

Underground Services

Underground electrical services are one of our specialties and encompass a wide range of solutions, all of which must be executed with precision and planning. The main advantage of underground wiring is that you cannot see it and because of this, it offers increased protection. The wiring is not left exposed and vulnerable to damage from severe weather or animals, therefore prolonging the systems longevity. So whether you require installation, connections or disconnections, our experienced team will ensure that you have power when you need it.

Overhead Services

Installation of overhead services and connections include a multitude of solutions. Our trained team can upgrade existing overhead services or take care of permanent disconnections. As a professional entity with trained staff, we can also cater to temporary disconnections, as well as the successive reconnection services. We can also cater to barge board replacements, temporary builders’ electricity supply set up, and barge fuse replacement services. Private pole installations can also be carried out by our contractors.


Integrum Power Group is a team of professional Level 2 Accredited Service Providers, meaning we are accredited and qualified to perform a wide range of work around Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and the Hunter Valley.

Metering Services

Our experienced team can seamlessly provide the best meter type and configuration to suit your requirements. As authorised electricians, we have a detailed understanding of the particulars when it comes to meter services, so you can be assured your connection will be in good hands. Whether you require a new connection, an upgrade to a solar metering system to monitor your new panels, or a complete meter relocation, we will do the job quickly and efficiently. We also offer safety solutions such as switchboard upgrades and meter protection devices (MPD).

24/7 Emergency Services

A 24/7 electrician can be helpful in both emergency situations and at times when services need to be completed outside of standard working hours. Whether replacing fuses, replacing the barge board itself, or making repairs to the main connection box, these jobs must be carried out with your electrical needs in mind. Larger jobs such as private pole replacement, overhead service cable emergencies and point of attachment (POA) work are all done in line with industry compliance and safety. We understand that your power supply is critical, so we are available 24/7 to get you powered up quickly and efficiently.

Private Pole Services

As a full service provider we can also cater to private pole needs to ensure your connection to the grid is stable and reliable. Whether installing, relocating or maintaining, there are a number of ways we can work with you to ensure you never lose power. These installations require not only skill and knowledge but also a thorough level of training as it connects to the main power grid. Be sure to get the reliable service from Integrum Power Group for a trusted connection and peace of mind at all times.

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Integrum Power Group offers more than 10 years electrical experience across Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and Hunter Valley.

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