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Integrum Power Group understands all the risks of working with an overhead powerline.

We know which safety measures to take in order to keep you and our technicians safe. 

If you require overhead electrical services, don’t attempt them yourself. Leave them in the hands of the capable professionals at Integrum Power Group.



Level 2 Overhead Electrician Serving Newcastle

Overhead services ensure that older buildings and businesses still have reliable, consistent access to electricity at all times. Catering to the connections which are most often found on these buildings with this process, wires are strung from the main network lines to a property’s point of attachment in order to engage fully with the cables to ensure accurate readings.

The team at Integrum Power Group are equipped with all the necessary tools and vehicles, as well as the knowledge to handle these professional tasks effectively and efficiently. This includes the operation of our own bucket truck, allocated as part of our growing fleet of machine options on offer.

As a professional provider of these important work skills, we can cater to a range of situations with our versatile team.

  • Installation Of Overhead Service Connections (Up To 400A)
    This is just the average installation process for creating an electrical connection to a property. It includes the set-up of a cable between a property’s point of attachment and a main electricity network power pole. This is the most efficient electricity solution to ensure your older building can still connect to the network.
  • Upgrade Of Existing Overhead Service
    Sometimes, home or business owners may find that the power supply to their property does simply not have enough capacity to carry the current needed. This is when upgrading is needed to buff up the system. This process involves upgrading a service cable from single phase to 3 phase for a larger power supply.
  • Permanent Disconnections
    In the event of large-scale demolition projects, power supply to a property will need to be permanently cut to ensure the safety of everyone involved. Our trained electrical contractors are readily equipped to help you ensure that all is in order before demolition takes place.
  • Disconnection And Reconnection
    When considering the safe completion of projects or maintenance work, the relocation of a meter board or other fixed elements may require a skilled hand. Our electricians can provide a temporary disconnection and later reconnection of the power supply to the building. This safely carried out ensures less potential risk to both your building’s occupants, as well as the electrical circuit.
  • Barge Board Replacements
    A barge board is a timber block mounted at the front of a property that encloses a point of attachment for electrical service cables