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Level 2 Meter Installation Service Specialists Around Newcastle


All homes powered by electricity will have a meter that measures their usage. An accurate meter ensures that you can precisely measure electrical consumption and accurately and consistently bill your tenants.

What many people don’t know, however, is that there are a range of meter types and configurations to meet the different needs of tenants in a property. 

As a result, a unique relationship exists between those who manage electricity meters, a.k.a Meter Service Providers, and authorised electricians who provide metering solutions on behalf of a retailer.

At Integrum Power Group, we are authorised to install meters for the following providers: Vector, Spotless, Activestream, PLUS ES

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Some of the metering solutions we provide include:

  • New Connections
    All new home/business premises require electricity meters to be installed, to monitor power consumption. Our team are trained to complete installations quickly and efficiently for new properties.
  • Switchboard Upgrades
    When it comes to measuring usage, an old system runs the risk of inaccuracy. Our electrical contractors can easily replace out-dated or damaged electrical switchboard upgrades with new, current standard technology.
  • Solar Metering
    A solar meter breaks down what power is used from solar panels and what is consumed from the power network grid. Our team can provide a number of solar metering solutions for new solar installations.
  • Meter Relocation
    In rare cases, the location of your meter may hinder some construction or renovation work. In that situation, our team are more than ready to relocate your meter to a more suitable place on your property.
  • Meter Protection Device Installation (MPD)
    A Meter Protection Device, or MPD, is a service fuse that is installed on a switchboard panel. MPDs are a requirement for all new meter installations, and our team are happy to help if you need one.
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