What You Need To Know About Private Pole Installations

Private power pole installation on your property is an alternative approach you can take when it comes to your street power network. What this gives you is a personal erect design that can help you manage the wires coming across to your home. Connecting you to the public network ensures you can separate your connection from the rest and ensure it is directed safely onto your home. These assist in removing unsightly cables and create a safer environment for surrounding space, both public and your own.

Why Install These Units On Your Property?

In many cases, these end up being installed for safety reasons and concerns. Whether the existing point of network attachment has become faulty, or it simply is unreliable, these personal options allow you to manage your cable alone. A design like these ensures that the connection to the network is solid and reliable, safe to use an element that doesn’t impact the surrounding roads, pathways or vegetation. For others opting for this service, it is a matter of aesthetics and personal enjoyment, clearing the space of unsightly wires en masse. Available in either timber or steel, these structures must be erected by a qualified electrician in order to be safe to use,  and should be regularly maintained while in use. Understanding what each option offers allows you to make the best choice for your home.


Timber options tend to have a far longer life than their steel counterparts. Usually, these wooden options last around 30 years. Often considered to be better quality than steel, they are also more expensive and sometimes cannot be used within the context you need. Pest issues like termites can cause chaos for anything wooden, breaking down the structural integrity over time. This is something you want to avoid. If you live in a coastal area or somewhere with a high moisture level you could also be plagued by issues of rot at the base.


Steel alternatives, although more cost-effective, generally last for around 15 years. While they don’t have the life span of timber, they are often sought out as the most popular choice these days. When installed, it’s possible to coat a steel option in paint or lacquer so that it matches the rest of its surroundings. This adds to their popularity in urban settings.

Private pole installation is a handy service that is needed for a number of reasons. Whether for safety and security or simply making your property look more ideal, there is a professional company that can help you when you need it. Contact Integrum Power Group for a full understanding of how important these services can be.