Factors To Consider Before Installing Underground Power Installation

Overhead power cables are usually the first choice when installing power supply because of their lower cost and ease of installation. However, underground power installation is slowly gaining popularity because of its durability and long-term advantages. What is underground power installation? It involves connecting underground service wire to the main supply line or pole to […]

How To Save On Your Energy Costs With Solar Metering

The rapid growth in the world’s population and an increase in urban lifestyle has left a drastic impact on natural resources. While our consumption habits are not only draining these resources, but the fluctuation in the prices of oil, gas, and coal has led to a massive increase in energy prices.  On the other side, […]

Why you need a switchboard upgrade?

All You Need To Know About Switchboard Upgrades To Ensure Optimal Safety A switchboard is more than the box you go to when you have a fuse or a circuit overload. It is the main control panel for the distribution of electricity in your living or workspace. The switchboard directs the supply of electricity wherever […]

Do You Need A 24/7 Emergency Electrician?

When is the best moment to call an electrician? And what to do in case of electrical emergencies? Power is vital for the daily activity of your home and business.  Unexpected issues can emerge after business hours. That is the reason Integrum Power Group is accessible 24/7 to provide the services needed to get you […]

What is Solar Metering

When you have a rooftop solar system, it can generate more electricity than you consume during daylight hours. If your solar panel system is generating electricity near the point of usage, this reduces strain on the grid’s distribution, and minimizes energy loss from sending voltage many miles from the nearest power plant. A Functional Electricity […]

Important Factors For Underground Cable Installation

When using the direct laying strategy, the process includes burrowing channels underground and implanting the wiring inside layers of sand. This is the cheapest approach to lay underground cables, and only underground electricians are qualified to carry out this job effectively. The draw-in method is more expensive than direct laying, however future repair costs may […]

Underground Electrical Transmission Cables: The Basics

Underground cable installation is a highly technical task that requires skillful execution and adherence to standard procedures. The process itself is lengthy, requiring multiple steps. Below we have discussed a brief overview of Integrum’s policy, methods and tips when laying underground wiring. Installation & Repairs When there are repetitive issues of power outages and problems […]

Why You Should Think About Smart Meter Installation

Smart meter installation is something many people are asking about. These are high tech tools used to manage and record electricity, and performance of electronic devices, in a home or building. As a new way to collect highly accurate and relevant information about power usage, these offer far more insight into consumption than their more […]

What To Know About Electricity Meter Relocation

When dealing with the relocation or your electricity meter you need to ensure professional assistance at all times. As an intricate and important system connected to the outside grid, there are a number of elements to consider depending on the type of design you have installed. Whether dealing with a basic setup or a smart […]

Steps To Handling An Electrical Emergency

When an electrical emergency happens, it happens quickly. Knowing what to do in this situation can not only help you, but also anyone else affected by it. Whether at home or at work, there are things to do while you wait for the trained professionals to arrive. Whether injury or the potential for danger, there […]