Why Our 24 Hour Level 2 Electrical Contractors Are The Right Choice For You

There are few things as frustrating and scary as being without power in the middle of the night. With Integrum Power Group though, you know that no matter what time of day, we have a professional and experienced team ready to assist. With our 24 hour level 2 electrical contractors, we provide highly skilled assistance to you no matter what the hour of the day is. If you need us, we’re there.

24 Hour Service For Your Convenience

When you see services offered 24 hours a day, the assumption is that these are only for emergency services, which may not be the case. Other reasons why someone might require 24 hour service providers are: many businesses require their level 2 electricians to perform services while their operations are shut down for the day ie. outside of the normal or standard hours of business. It may also apply for residential properties where the owners are only available outside the normal hours of business. This is especially useful for people like nurses, factory shift workers, or people that need to travel long distances for work. At Integrum Power Group, we take that into account and that is why our services run 24 hours a day.

Licensed And Accredited

We are an authorised and Accredited Service Provider (ASP) that is certified with the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment to provide connection, disconnection and reconnection services to and from the electricity network. Our workmanship upholds the highest standards of quality and regulation, and we take great care in offering a service that exceeds expectations across the board.

Trust The Integrum Power Group With All Your Emergency Electrical Needs

When it comes to electrical solutions, we stand by our name. Integrum is Latin for ‘complete’ and at Integrum Power Group we offer complete end-to-end electrical solutions to our clients. We believe that in offering a service with passion, pride, and collaboration we can build relationships that stand the test of time and give you the surety and confidence of knowing that your electrical needs are in good hands. Contact us today for more information on our 24 hour level 2 electrical contractors or to book any of our other services. You can reach us on 0400 946 965, email us on info@integrumpowergroup.com.au, or fill out our convenient and easy contact form here. Our friendly team is looking forward to hearing from you!