Do You Need A 24/7 Emergency Electrician?

When is the best moment to call an electrician? And what to do in case of electrical emergencies? Power is vital for the daily activity of your home and business.  Unexpected issues can emerge after business hours. That is the reason Integrum Power Group is accessible 24/7 to provide the services needed to get you powered up quickly and safely.

Service Fuse Replacement

A service fuse is typically mounted where an overhead force wire appends to a property. They are intended to secure power supply cables and adjoining properties from significant faults in your electrical installation.

A blown service fuse is frequently the reason for lost power to an individual property that requires substitution. Our group of emergency electricians can provide efficiently and securely 24 hours a day.

Barge Fuse Replacement

A barge fuse is found mounted at the connection point close to the barge board of premises. These circuits are installed between the power service line and the resident’s primary power supply.

Safety Switch / Residual Current Device (RCD) Replacement

An RCD is a delicate security gadget intended to break an electrical circuit to protect against the danger of electrocution. When the emergency electrician recognizes an issue with your power supply (unpredictable current), it consequently turns off the electricity in a bid to shield you from injury or passing. In time, replacement of RCDs will need to be acquired to guarantee they stay up to standard with guidelines.

You Get a Huge Electrical Bill

If you have not installed many new appliances lately (no new fridges, freezers, computers, and so forth), but your electrical bill is absurdly large, the chances are that there is a problem with your electrical system.

You should call your emergency electrician to inspect the problem and see what circuits are inefficient. This type of problem does not resolve itself on its own.

Need an emergency electrician?  With quick response times and an understanding of efficiency, these are skilled team members that can get you back to power and light as soon as possible, no matter when. Contact the trusted team at Integrum Power Group today!