Top 5 Reasons To Call An Emergency Electrician To Your Newcastle Home

Electrical issues are unavoidable for any home or business. Tripping circuit breakers, fused light bulbs, dead or blackened power sockets, flickering lights and electrical installations; all of these require professional assistance from a qualified electrician to ensure the job is done right. However, there are certain circumstances where immediate intervention from an emergency electrician is necessary to save your family and your property from potential electrical hazards and costly repairs.

Since emergency electricians are always available (whether during weekends, public holidays or even after business hours) and do not require an appointment, they are there to assist you during electrical emergencies that could otherwise lead to electrocution or electrical fires.

Beware of these warning signs and quickly call your nearest emergency electrical service without any delay:

Downed Power Lines

Severe weather conditions and vehicles crashing into your power supply poles can damage the overhead power cables. These high-voltage cables are extremely dangerous and can lead to electrocution if anyone comes into contact with them. If you are caught in such a situation, calling 24/7 electrician services should be the first thing you do in order to save precious lives.

Remember, never attempt to touch the cables if you aren’t an accredited electrician.

Sudden Power Outage

When there’s a sudden, unexpected power outage in your home, you may naturally think that the rest of your neighbourhood is experiencing the same thing. You may take a deep breath and wait for your electricity to return. However, panic mode may start to set in when you realise that it is only your home that is facing this power failure. Make sure to double-check that your electricity bills are paid before you rush to call emergency electrical contractors for help.

Exposed or Loose Wiring

Faulty, loose or exposed wiring is one of the main reasons for house fires and electric shocks. A slight mishandling of wiring can lead to fatal accidents in a matter of a few seconds.

Therefore, it is strongly recommended to call your nearest 24-hour electrical service for repairs and never go the DIY route to fix your electrical wires. Licensed emergency electricians are well-equipped with the necessary safety gear and are fully trained to carry out repair work on high-voltage power cables.

Water Damage

Roof leaks or burst pipes can cause severe structural damage to your property. The water can seep through your ceilings and walls and can easily get into your electrical system, posing a serious risk to you and your family. It is therefore advisable to get in touch with an emergency electrician ASAP so that they can disconnect your electricity and prevent any further damage. Once the water damage is repaired, your electrician will examine the electrical system before reconnecting it to electricity.

Sparking Power Outlets

Old wiring, overloaded circuits and faulty electrical appliances can often cause a power outlet to spark, burn or emit smoke. These are clear indicators of an electrical emergency for which an emergency electrician should be called right away to diagnose and resolve the issue.

Your 24-Hour Electrician in Newcastle

In case of an electrical emergency, Integrum Power Group is always by your side. We are Newcastle’s trusted electrical contractors offering a full range of domestic and commercial electrical services including 24/7 emergency assistance. As soon as you give us a call, our emergency electrician will be right there at your doorstep, within no time.