How You Can Really Benefit From Solar Meter Installation

Having a rooftop solar system brings so much convenience to your life. Apart from being environmentally-friendly, it also makes you self-sufficient by reducing your dependence on the energy grid.

But if you’re planning to switch to solar, you may be wondering what will happen to the extra electricity generated by your system that is left over after your consumption?

The answer to your question is a solar net meter. Read on to learn about the benefits of solar meter installation and how a solar net meter adds to the perks of going solar.

How Do Solar Meters Function?

Solar systems often produce excess electricity. This excess energy is wasted unless you store it in your battery storage system or export it to the grid. If you opt for the latter option, a solar net meter installation will be required.

Solar net metering is a billing mechanism. Through this mechanism, you will either receive credit against the excess electricity that your system feeds into the grid, or your excess electricity will offset your consumption from the grid when there isn’t sufficient sunlight for your solar system to generate the amount of electricity you require.

Either way, you will only be charged for your net electricity consumption, that is, the electricity you have consumed versus the electricity your system has generated.

Benefits Of Solar Meters

By installing a net meter, you can enjoy the following benefits:

Saving On Utility Bills

Since solar net meters enable you to export extra electricity into the grid, your monthly energy bills will be significantly reduced. Put simply, this is like trading your excess energy with the utility company. You export your surplus electricity into the grid, and use the grid-based electricity against the units your system has fed into the grid. Through this billing mechanism, you get a faster return on investment against your solar panel installation.

Contributing to Green Energy Production

Solar systems with net meters provide green energy to grid managers, and that too for a cheaper price. From a broader perspective, your solar meter installation is a contribution towards saving the environment by sharing the excess energy produced by your system with others, thus removing some burden off the grid.

Self-Reliant Neighbourhood

During peak hours, solar-powered homes with a net meter can power many other homes. Additionally, when neighbourhoods collectively decide to go solar, they become self-reliant in their energy requirements with reduced dependence on power supply companies.

Solar Meter Installers In Newcastle

By connecting smart meters with solar panels, consumers tend to be more conscious of their energy consumption. They therefore also waste less energy.

Knowing these perks, you must surely want to multiply the advantages of your solar system by pairing it with a solar meter installation. However, if the cost of net meter installation or any other questions are making you sceptical about taking this step, you should consult an authorised solar meter installer. Integrum Power Group can answer any questions or concerns you have prior to your solar meter installation, so that you are fully satisfied once you have made a final decision.

Talk to us about a full range of solar and net metering solutions for your home or business in Newcastle today.