Underground Electrical Transmission Cables: The Basics

Underground cable installation is a highly technical task that requires skillful execution and adherence to standard procedures. The process itself is lengthy, requiring multiple steps. Below we have discussed a brief overview of Integrum’s policy, methods and tips when laying underground wiring.

Installation & Repairs

When there are repetitive issues of power outages and problems faced with the power supply, you ought to enquire about repairs. Businesses or homes often find themselves unhappy with their power supply and find it insufficient. That is when upgrading your underground wiring from a single phase to a three-phase comes in great use. In case of large-scale destruction projects, the power supply should be cut entirely at the property to guarantee our labourers safety. Our highly trained electrical contractors have the experience to assist you with this.

Why Choose Us

Our trained electricians can provide a fix by disconnecting the power supply when relocating the meter board, and turning it back on once the underground wiring task is complete. We can briefly divert power to a builder’s switchboard during work on a property while we disconnect and connect the underground wiring.This ensures contractors can continue working until the mains can be connected and a permanent switchboard installed. When you require underground wiring to overhead connections, we can supply power from local poles and service underground electricity connections. That installation process involves running an underground cable through the main switchboard or private pillar of a property.


In general, underground electric cables rarely need to be repaired. The main reason for this is simple: underground cables are usually well insulated against weather elements. And since faults in power transmission lines are most likely a result of the weather, underground cables result in insulation by these effects, hardly experiencing failures. However, with time, the insulation wears off and the need to carry out repairs on the lines arises. The installation process involves running an underground electrical cable down electrical poles and underground to the main switchboard or private pillar of a property.

Here at Integrum Power Group, we offer a cost-effective and efficient solutions to the maintenance of underground wiring electricity transmission cables. Contact us today!