Why You Should Think About Smart Meter Installation

Smart meter installation is something many people are asking about. These are high tech tools used to manage and record electricity, and performance of electronic devices, in a home or building. As a new way to collect highly accurate and relevant information about power usage, these offer far more insight into consumption than their more traditional counterparts. What makes the unit “smart” is the ability to feed back detailed analytics on usage in real-time or when requested, all without a qualified professional having to be present at the site. But is it worth the change?

The Potential 

A smart meter installation can help you increase the value of quick, accurate measurements and help to eliminate the hassle of monthly estimates and meter-reading home visits. As it allows for this data heavy approach, it ensures the most efficient way to manage your power at home or in your building. It is best to rely on professional advice from a capable team to ensure you understand all elements of the installation. Speak to our team directly to find out all you need to know about these information systems and where the data goes, as well as whether it is worth converting from your existing system.

The Short Term Disadvantages 

As with any new age advance in an already existing technology, there are new challenges that come along with  the new designs. From concerns over expensive, energy-intensive data storage and the privacy fears that come with any online information pathways, the biggest issue currently is the information available. If consumers are not familiar with managing and reading these systems on their own, they may not see the benefits of replacing their existing model. This means most are less likely to even notice the energy-saving potential of these smart devices. As a way to get long term savings and efficiency on your power consumption, these devices offer a range of benefits. The hesitance around technology, as well as the availability of technologies, also offers challenges that will slow down the rate of adoption for these new units. Especially in rural and presently off-grid areas.

If you are looking at meter installation or considering a smart unit upgrade, speak to a professional team like Integrum. We can advise you on the best possible solutions for your situation right away. Contact us!