What To Know About Electricity Meter Relocation

When dealing with the relocation or your electricity meter you need to ensure professional assistance at all times. As an intricate and important system connected to the outside grid, there are a number of elements to consider depending on the type of design you have installed. Whether dealing with a basic setup or a smart option there are ways and means to relocate these units to another space in the building. Read on to find out how Integrum Power Group can help you. 

Moving A Smart Unit

When dealing with a smart unit you need to get started right away, as this can be a timely arrangement. You need to know the exact date of the move and let the team know at least three weeks in advance. As the moving of the unit will happen through your provider, your qualified electrical team needs to have a full knowledge of the timing so they can be on site when needed. A professional team who is authorised to install units for a number of providers in Australia can ensure you get the job done correctly.  

Moving A Basic Unit

If you have a basic unit and want it moved, it will more than likely have to be upgraded to a new system in a different location. Once a basic system comes out it can’t go back in. You need to initially contact your provider and find out the confirmed date and time of the upgrade. Once you have this information you can contact the reliable electrical professionals, to coordinate and ensure all needed skill sets are on site when installation takes place. The installation won’t be able to go ahead if you have certain limitations around your property, like aerial power lines attached to an overhead connection point as an example. If there are unforeseen elements like damage to your timber barge board, you need to contact the electrical and maintenance professionals before moving forward with your installation date. 

When looking at the relocation of your meter you need to not only contact the right people for the job, but also ensure all service providers are aware of the correct arrangements. Working on the connection between your building and the main power grid can cause issues if not completed by a trained professional, that is why you need to contact us immediately if you need these services taken one.