5 Benefits Of Installing Underground Electrical Services

Underground electrical services are becoming very popular with residential and commercial property owners in Newcastle today. Whether you are building a new property or getting electrical renovations done on an old one, switching to an underground electrical system can bring you multiple benefits. If you are still deciding whether it’s worth it, here’s what you need to know:

They Are Reliable

The most common disadvantages of overhead power lines are that they can easily be damaged by stormy weather, heavy winds or falling trees. And as a result you are likely to face frequent power outages. Underground power lines, on the other hand, are not exposed to the elements and so typically have a much longer lifespan. They are much more reliable compared to overhead electrical services.

They Require Less Maintenance

By installing an underground electrical service, you can save yourself the hassle of frequent maintenance work. Buried power lines stay safe from falling trees, heavy winds and snowfall. You are therefore much less likely to experience electrical disruptions caused by maintenance work after a severe weather episode.

They Are Safer

Fallen power lines are a safety hazard and put people at risk of electrocution. There are so many examples of power poles falling on vehicles or homes and causing fatal accidents and serious damage to private properties. Underground electrical services eliminate all weather-related dangers since there is much less of a chance of live power cables coming in contact with humans, animals, or birds.

They Help Improve Your Property’s Visual Appeal

Overhead power poles are an eyesore for your home and commercial property. They take up space and can block the beautiful views from your windows and balconies. If you are sick of this, then underground power services are just the right solution for you. By having an underground electrical conduit installed, you won’t have to deal with unsightly power cables anymore. As a result, your home will look much more visually pleasing.

They Add Value To Your Property

Since underground electrical services improve the safety and visual appeal of your property, they also increase the selling value of your home and commercial space. Potential buyers will not only be attracted by your property’s appearance, but also by its safety compared to those with an overhead power supply connection.

Underground Electrician In Newcastle

Do you want to upgrade your traditional overhead power supply to underground electrical services? Or are you looking for a licensed level 2 electrician to maintain your underground electrical system? Whatever it is, Integrum Power Group has a team of professionals you can rely upon. We can safely connect underground power lines to your house and business, so that you and everyone around your property remain safe both during and after the installation work is completed. With our 24-hour emergency electrical services all across Newcastle, we make sure our electricians are always by your side, when you need us the most.

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